Design competition Scuole Innovative, Crema (I)

The proposal develops a new type of school in which training is a positive, dynamic and engaging experience. The program foresees the construction of a combined facilities complex: the Racchetti Institute high school, a linguistic high school, a socio-pedagogical institute and an hotel management school, as well as the Sraffa Institute laboratories, not far from the project area.

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The guiding principle of relationship is the focus, designed in its many declinations: student-student, student-teacher, institute-institute, school-territory.

The design, architecturally inspired by the protected spatiality of the Lombard farmhouses, proposes a circular-courtyards scheme of varying diameter.

Each discipline with its own areas of relevance is built around one of the courtyard; there are also dedicated facilities for the gym, auditorium, library and for the administrative spaces, all organized and set along a fluid and flexible distribution area, a relational space hosting areas and equipment for the comparison and informal learning.

The external spaces are conceived as an extension of indoor teaching areas: the high school court designed as an open-air theater; in the linguistic high school court, the forest of words will be able to accomodate “en plein air” lessons; finally the third court offers a didactic garden and the students themselves will be called to take care of, as an exercise and a metaphor of the principle of cultivate inherent in each educational process.


MIUR-Ministero dell’Istruzione dell’Università e della Ricerca


Crema (I)


Plot area: 30.400 sqm
Floor area: 14.600 sqm
Built area: 21.500 sqm


11.250.000 €


2017, Design competition