New Varignano Parish Centre, Viareggio (I)

The new parish centre is conceived as a connection for Varignano: a dynamic and open system designed to receive and bring together the different parts of the neighbourhood.

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The complex is designed as a route, a street that all the various elements sit along: the churchyard, canonica, church, Parish centre, listening centre.

An understated, unitary and clearly-articulated system that is easily accessible and intelligible as a place of dialogue and welcome for everyone but at the same time unique, exceptional, something else with respect to the built fabric and recognisable as a place of Christian worship.

The design proposes an updated but clearly recognisable interpretation of all the elements that distinguish the tradition of Christian architecture: the bell tower, the churchyard, the portico, the facade, the olive-grove, arranged and articulated with clarity and precision to encourage and welcome the life of the community.

The typological layout, in a city such as Viareggio whose own history is very much linked to the sea, is interpreted metaphorically as a landing, a kind of quay for mooring to; and thus also the Presbytery, pivotal place for celebration, is interpreted as a port, a safe place to be able to go to.

Architecture and liturgy shape one another; the layout sees the distribution of the liturgical elements along a more horizontal route and a compact plan, with the aim of creating the greatest unity between the priest, the minister of God and the congregation.


Arcidiocesi di Lucca


Viareggio, LU (I)


Plot area = 4.580 sqm
Built area = 1.565 sqm


3.000.000 €


2015, Design competition, Shortlisted design


Don Alberto Zironi


Luca Bertolo
Chiara Camoni
Fabrizio Prevedello