Welfare Community Center, Parma (I)

The multifunctional welfare section in the new Welfare Community Center in East Parma contemplates the realization of an integrated system of facilities for people, consisting of a number of assisting structures (four protected homes, one nursing home, one community residency, two day centres, one building for communal services and one home for short-term hospitalization), area for volunteering and benefit associations groups, shops and neighbourhood services.

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The volumetric plan intends to guarantee a welcoming and tailored environment and to this extent the following morphological principles have been set: low building density, open and permeable structures, reduced scale of building (never more than 3 floors) large green areas available, simple and rational mobility and circulation system.

In detail, the plan develops a scheme of successive courts, enclosed within an open perimeter made of a series of separated buildings. These buildings, characterized by a sort of continuous basement, will be L-shaped and homogeneous in volume though differentiated in bearing.

From a functional point of view, each assisting structure is independent from the other: the ground floor hosts the entrance halls, common spaces and services and stairs to the upper floors; on the second and third floor there are a number of patients’ bedrooms with their facilities together with large common areas for socializing.


Comune di Parma


Parma (I)


Plot area = 166.500 sqm
Built area = 25.000 sqm


37.500.000 €


2009, Concept design