Mammut Sport & Wellness Club, Modena (I)

The MAMMUT Sports Club, an historical landmark of the Modena sports scene, today finds a new stimulating prospect of relaunching after a few years of interruption of its activities.

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The aim of the new ownership is to bring the Club back in a position to offer the community engaging services and opportunities to enhance free time through sport, entertainment and relaxation; all according to a vision that joins health, sociality and psycho-physical well-being.
The sporting and recreational offers will be well diversified and integrated, both according to the most current trends and  a “transversal” criterion that guarantees options and services to all types of users (from amateur to competitive) and all generational groups.
The sports provided include tennis, padel, swimming, beach volleyball, indoor and outdoor fitness; among the complementary services and activities, in addition to an informal bar/bistro focused on a program of natural and healthy cuisine, a wellness center and a center for rehabilitation and physiotherapy activities are planned.
The existing compendium consists of a group of buildings of various sizes, types and levels of conservation as well as a system of outdoor sports facilities surrounded by greenery.
The project envisages various methods of intervention: heavy building renovation including architectural rearrangement, seismic improvement and energy redevelopment of some buildings; the demolition and reconstruction of other building elements, the widespread redevelopment of outdoor areas and the installation of new outdoor sports facilities. The common denominator of the project will be an accurate and sensitive green design.


Green Field S.r.l.


Modena (I)


Plot area: 32.000 sqm
Built area: 5.360 sqm
Outdoor sports facilities: 7.800 sqm




2022 – in progress


Arch. Elena Pancaldi


Eng. Fabio Lugli


Studio Nicoli