Villa P, Parma (I)

Villa P is the first building intervention as part of an organic project for the regeneration and transformation of a former production area into a new quality residential compound.

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The site, located on the edge of the San Prospero district, is characterized by the presence of a fascinating wood to the East and the orderly countryside to the South.

The project includes a single-family house on two levels, with large outdoor spaces and a swimming pool; the design of two stereometric volumes relatively rotated by 90° makes the most of both qualified views, towards the forest to the East and the countryside to the South. Thus, different and complementary living experiences are generated: that of the sun and the more intense daytime brightness for the living area on the ground floor and that of the fresh and poetic light of the morning for the sleeping area on the first floor.

The shifting of the floors also makes it possible to enhance the outdoor experience of the house, determining the configuration of multiple and distinct outdoor spaces such as terraces, loggias and porches. A pleasant swimming pool with a small wet beach completes the leisure and relaxation offer of the garden.

With reference to the architectural language, the most obvious choice refers to the different characterization of the two volumes; the idea comes from the intention to let the architecture “react” with both contextual conditions present: the nature on one side and the urbanity on the other. The river stone masonry recovers the Parma building tradition linked to the collection of stone materials from the streams (including the nearby Rio delle Fontane) while the plaster finishing refers more directly to contemporary urban languages.


CYPS S.r.l.


San Prospero - Parma (I)


Plot area: 1.300 sqm
Built area: 440 sqm




2022- in progress


Eng. Fabio Lugli


Studio A+


Studio Garutti